Scrappin’ Mommy!

So yesterday I spent the morning cleaning.  You know, REALLY cleaning.  Spring cleaning in the summer.  Dust bunnies were flying!  They were scared of me and my broom and my Swiffer.  No matter how hard you try to keep them at bay, with hardwood floors, they always find a way back.

But after that nonsense was over and the Daddy took Big Sister to the movies to see Smurfs and Littlest Baby Girl laid down for her nap, I SCRAPPED!  I got 6 and 1/2 pages done.  And I loved doing them.  I have this huge box of paper that my sis-in-law gave me…because she has enough supplies to open her own store.  But I love going thru that huge box but every time I do, I find a piece I’ve never seen before.  It’s like opening a present on Christmas morning every time!!!  And since she’s the expert, I looked to her blog for inspiration (  Anyway, here are 4 of the finished pages:

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One Response to Scrappin’ Mommy!

  1. tonya boone says:

    GO SCRAPPIN MOMMY!!!!! so proud of you.. you did an awesome job on the pages..
    i got some more paper for ya!!

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