Today was a good day!

And let me tell you WHY it was a good day:

  1. I got up bright and early at the butt-crack of dawn (5:15 am) to go for a run with my local BFF around the ‘hood.  Now, the run was tough and the humidity was thick, but the company was AWESOME!  Here’s a lovely picture of what I look like at 5:15 wearing my headlamp so we can see the route.  The only problem is when we run into the deer that are out feeding so early and then the deer get caught in my head light!  Hahahaha!!!  Get it???  And you thought I was going to say the only problem was how dorky I look!
  2. I had $70 in Kohl’s Bucks from a recent back-to-school shopping extravaganza with Big Sister and they expired today.  So after work, I trekked down the interstate to the nearest Kohl’s to spend it…because you cannot let them expire!  That would be like throwing away REAL money!  So here’s what I bought: a 16-piece set of Food Network bone china regularly priced at $149.99 on sale for $49.99, a 16-count pack of Dunkin Donuts K-Cups for the husband’s Keurig for $16.99 (no sale there) and a 12-count muffin baking tin regularly priced at $19.99 on sale for $7.99.  The grand total of my purchases was $69.97.  That’s right people, I walked out of that store with my 3 items for F-R-E-E!!!!  Not one penny spent!!!  I could’ve kissed the lady ringing me up…but I thought she might not like.  Here are pictures of my purchases and the receipt to prove it!

    Free Loot!

  3. Proof!

  4. I’m hosting book club tomorrow night at my house and I chose Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.  A truly amazing read, I highly suggest you pick it up.  A few weeks ago, I submitted a request on her website for her to call in to our get-together to discuss the book and tonight, her assistant called to get more information from me and then she was going to call the author to see if the timing works for her to join us!  How freakin’ AWESOME would that be?????  I’m just waiting on the assistant to call me back with the news so everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!  I’ll let you know how the book club turns out.

Hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow like I had today!

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