Sunday Funday and Organization rolled into one…

Today’s Workout:   3.15 mile run in the neighborhood (always hilly) – 34:06

Although in a perfect world, all of my chores (laundry, paying bills, groceries) and organization for the next week would all be done on Saturday, quite often, it all gets done on Sundays.  I love to spend my Sundays with my family doing nothing but being lazy and playing games – you know, GOOD quality time together.  But that was not the case today.

Finley woke up at 5:50 am but my alarm had already gone off at 5:45 so I could get up and get ready for my run that was scheduled at 6:30.  I’ve taken about 2.5 months off from running since I ran a marathon in May.  It really took a toll on my body and required a lot of recovery, both physically and mentally.  But I’m ready to get back in the game so I gave it my all this morning and I was pleased with my time.  After that, it was time to head to the grocery store and then quickly home for breakfast and church at 10:00.  And I made it!!  Makes me feel good to get all of that done before most people even wake up!

So what’s to organize today?  My workout schedule for the week, of course:

Monday – P90x Back & Biceps

Tuesday – Run 3.15 miles, goal of 34:00 minutes

Wednesday – CrossFit

Thursday – CrossFit

Friday – P90x Core Synergistics

Saturday – Run 5.0 miles, goal is to stay alive 🙂

You may ask – where’s the fun in your day?  Finley and I went to the park for a brief moment but decided it was too hot.  But before we headed back home, I was able to catch a few gorgeous shots of my gorgeous girl!

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