Workout summary and an early retirement


Wednesday – 1.61 mile run in 17:19 (10:44 pace – superfast, I know! {sarcasm}).

Thursday – CrossFit

Friday – P90x Core Synergistics

So this week’s workouts didn’t work out exactly as I had planned but that’s ok.  When you’re schedule gets derailed, you just do the best you can.  I’d already screwed up on Monday and then on Wednesday, there was a mix-up on what time I was actually supposed to be doing CrossFit so I ended up just running a little to make sure I did something for the day.  I’ve already done my Core Synergistics for the day but I’m heading out in a bit to do the Water Tower Trail – just walking.  Something extra since I’m taking the day off!!!  YES, that means the 4-day weekend I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived!!!!  And to celebrate, I made a special breakfast for the girls.  Gracie didn’t like it but Finley did.  You win some, you lose some!

Speaking of CrossFit, yesterday’s workout was a bear!

Did you hear that Andy Roddick is retiring?  I’m not a tennis follower but I do get interested when the person retiring is 30!  Wow, imagine that!!!!  What to do with the rest of your life….

What would you do if you retired early?

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One Response to Workout summary and an early retirement

  1. tonya boone says:

    glad you posted on FB. your doing a great job with your workouts.. Trying is better than sitting on the couch. Retiring early will never happen.. i enjoy working too much. i would work part time and spend more time at the kids schools and scrapbooking.

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