Sometimes you just need a day to recover…


  • Saturday – 3.16 mile run – 35:33 (11:15/min)
  • Sunday – CrossFit (make-up session from Tuesday) – O.M.Goodness!

And that is exactly what I did yesterday.  I had originally planned to run 5.0 miles but the humidity was just too much, so we cut it short.  It was tough.  I’m definitely looking forward to the cooler weather.  But it was the first day of football for my precious Bulldawgs so I made these yummy Sausage Balls because I felt like I needed something yummy to snack on for the game.


Finley’s been waking up BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn this week which normally wouldn’t be so bad but I haven’t been going to bed on time like I should in order to make the early hours work.

Cute, but rotten!

So imagine how happy I was that she slept until 6:20 this morning?!?!  I felt like a new person!  Enough energy to do a killer workout in CrossFit this morning before heading to the 10:00 church service.  AND then to go on a 5-mile bike ride with Gracie.  I’m not a fan of riding the bicycle but I hear it’s good for cross-training.  We may have to start making this a Sunday tradition, only increasing our mileage a little more each week.

Mid-trip break

Happy Sunday everyone!

How do you cross-train?

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