Tuesday’s gonna suck…

Workout:  CrossFit

Probably not the best title for a post but I believe it’s quite accurate.  Why is it going to suck??  Let me just tell you…THIS little love of mine is starting preschool again.  Mind you, it’s not her first year of preschool, it’s her second.  So that should make it easier for me, right?  NEGATIVE!!!

When we went to Meet the Teachers, she clung to us with everything she had and did not let go.  I know she’ll loosen up and eventually start having fun and eventually look forward to going, but this first week will be painful.  Luckily, Shannon will be the one dropping off every morning…except the first day, of course.  I’ll be there to experience the first tears and the looks of “WHY are you leaving me here??” and then I’ll head to the airport to fly to another state for the next two days.  EVEN WORSE!

But I may have just the thing to help me cope with my day.  One of my sweet co-workers brought back a gift for me from her European vacation – Worry Beads.  It’s pretty funny that after knowing me such a short time, she already knows I can be high-strung!  Anyway, I think they are beautiful and I’ve already been enjoying them.

Until then, we will spend our day together as a family playing games and doing art projects, soaking in as much togetherness as possible before we all go our separate ways tomorrow.

And for lunch, we’re trying the new Black Bean “Nacho” Burgers from the September 2012 Fitness Magazine.  I’m SURE the girls will just LOVE those!

Wish me luck!

What are your Labor Day plans?

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