Food from a truck?


  • Thursday – 1.69 mile run; 18:11 total (10:48 avg pace)
  • Friday – CrossFit
  • Saturday – 2.0 mile run (UP the water tower trail); 11:40 [10:47 avg pace (1st mile at 9:36 – WOO-HOO)]

It’s been an odd week and I think it’s going to be an overall odd month.  I’m traveling a lot this month so things start to feel scattered after a while.  The key to getting through it all is organization!!

As you can tell from the workout summary above, my running has not been my finest moment.  It’s just too hard to run in this humidity.  I’m still praying for Fall to come soon!

The “run” this morning is a very hilly route so I knew from the very beginning that it wouldn’t be a full-out run.  But I gave it my best and just ran as fast as I could.  I’m not a fast runner and I have pretty much resigned myself to NEVER being a fast runner.  So I’m proud of my first mile being at a 9:36 pace, especially considering all the hills in the mile alone.  Just check out the elevation:


Let’s talk about food from a truck…FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY!!!  The food truck movement has really taken hold in Charlotte and we love it.  Last night Shannon drove up with the girls and some friends and we had quite the set up with our gourmet selections.  I, of course, forgot to take pictures of ALL of the food we inhaled but trust me, it was AMAZING!

Meanwhile, today is a day to get back on track (full track) with my healthy eating.  And maybe even a little craft with each of the girls!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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