Finish what you start…

Workout:  Rest day

As a self-proclaimed master multi-tasker, I will admit that I don’t always finish the projects/tasks I start.  Never those related to work, of course, but instead the ones that have to do with an art project or a craft…because I’m not an artsy or crafty person!  My SIL is completely creative and does amazing scrapbook work.  Not me, my good intentions never quite turn out like they’re supposed to…

It turns out that Gracie absolutely loves doing art projects.  Seriously??  How did that happen?  My BFF loves doing crafts with her when she visits but she doesn’t come that often.  😦

So on Saturday I decided it was time to conquer a craft with Gracie.  We started small – something we could get done today.  Children need to learn to finish what they start so they feel a sense of accomplishment.  We made 2 friendship bracelets – I think they were popular when I was in junior high.  It was tough but we did it!

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