Temptation and the cure…


  • Sunday – 7 mile family bike ride (ended with a terrible fall for Gracie)
  • Monday – CrossFit

Sunday was a beautiful day and absolutely perfect for our family bike ride.  Shannon and I took turns pulling Finley in the trailer and it seriously increased the intensity level pulling her behind me.  We decided to go further than Gracie and I had last weekend so we tacked on two more miles.  We did take a few rest breaks to drink water and let the kids play at the park.  Just as we made it to our neighborhood on the way home, Gracie took a nasty spill and ended up with the worst road rash on the bottom of her little butt cheek!  I’ll spare you the pictures but it looks terrible.  She’s being quite the trooper though.  I just hope it doesn’t scare her off her bike forever!

As part of Gracie’s recovery process, Shannon brought home some yummy snacks to make her feel better.  Isn’t that always the way to feel better – comfort food???  So he brought home 2 snacks that I would LOVE to eat.

Chocolate and peanut butter – my downfall!

The Cadbury Eggs are in the freezer and I’ve promised myself I can have one in 3 weeks.  And BTW, who knew they made Cadbury Eggs for Halloween???  Is this a new thing?

But until then, I have yet another trip ahead of me tomorrow so to stave off temptations that will be lurking around every corner, I am packing a stash of tasty treats.  (And I’ve sworn off alcohol on this trip too!)

No, I guess they’re not really the cure but they are a pretty good bandaid until I can dig into that Cadbury Egg!

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