S’mores and a sleepover


  • Saturday: 3.16 mi run, 10:31 avg pace

Last night Grace had a sleepover with a friend from school.  We haven’t had too many, mostly because it’s taken a while for Gracie to find a GIRL friend whose parents allowed sleepovers at this age.  She’s had plenty of BOY friends but let’s not start that, shall we??

I can tell you one little girl who couldn’t stay out of the center of them!!

It was the perfect weather for a marshmallow roast and the girls loved it.  Who doesn’t love a good S’more??

Meanwhile, this morning I went for an early morning run all by my lonesome.  And my iPod was dead so it was just me and my thoughts.  I made pretty good time though (see above).  More on my thoughts later…

As for today, maybe a family bike ride and hopefully some scrapbooking…but definitely some work since that 9/30 deadline is still coming on strong!

What are you doing today?

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One Response to S’mores and a sleepover

  1. tonya boone says:

    love s’mores!!! especially the big marshmallows.. i can’t believe how much Finley looks like you, man she is growing and changing so much..

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