Another marathon?

I’m not so sure…maybe not?

I’d always wanted to run one, to mark it off of my bucket list.  So I did.  Earlier this year in May.  The humidity here in the south is just too much for me to train during the summer for a Fall race so that means the only real time for me is to run one in the Spring…which means I have to train during the winter.

Do you know what I do in the winter??  Well, I’m a CPA…so that means I’m working between 65 and 75 hours a week from January through April.  Training for a marathon is honestly like a 2nd job.

But I did it.  I decided 2012 was the year.  Plus, I figured it would help me keep on track with my running since I’m usually very good about it in January and February but totally slack in March and April.  It was SO hard to get those training runs in at the end of those long, hard, stressful work weeks.  I remember crying in almost every single long run – crying from exhaustion.  Exhaustion is a funny thing – it can make you question everything about your life…at least, that’s what it does to me.  And then I felt like an idiot for crying in the middle of a run.  I mean, who does that???  Thank God for my running mate although I’m sure she was questioning her decision to run this with me – after all, she’d already run one the year before so she could technically cross this off her bucket list and be done with this nonsense!  Am I willing to do that again?

At mile 18 during the race, I’d pretty much decided THAT was the dumbest thing I’d ever done…and I wasn’t even finished!!!  At mile 22, I just wanted to be lying on my couch with the remote control in my hand.  The day AFTER the race, I was glad it was over!  Six days later, I was trying to figure out which race would be my next…but then the aches and pains started worse.

A brave face coming in to the finish

I also believe that some bodies are physically more capable of it than others.  Let’s face it, running a marathon (and all the required training) is really tough on your body.  I was pretty much broken after I ran mine.  I started seeing a wonderful sports medicine chiropractor a full month before my race and made sure I got monthly massages as well.  But things that did NOT hurt while I was training ended up hurting AFTER my race.  My chiro put it all into perspective when he said “You’ve been taking from your body for 18 weeks and now it’s time to pay the bill.”

We started paying the bill with In-and-Out Burger after the race!

So I don’t know if I ever will run another marathon.  Maybe I’ll just live vicariously through SkinnyRunner and HungryRunnerGirl.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll decide to give it another try and see if I have it in me!

Anybody else feel this way??

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