Sheets, Triple-Doubles and a Mountain


  • Sunday – 7 mile family bike ride
  • Monday – squats/lunges/push-ups/abs in my hotel room followed by the Water Tower Trail walk (2.0 miles)

Last night I flew to Florida for a very quick trip – less than 24 hours and I’m back home again.  But I didn’t get to my very fancy hotel until midnight last night.  How can you tell when you’re in a swanky hotel??

Yes, that’s right!  It’s a POST-IT on the headboard saying my sheets and duvet cover were all clean.  Pretty impressive, huh??  I guess they’re dirty if you don’t get that notification?

Have you heard of the Triple-Double??  In our house, it’s called LOVE.  Good thing they’re usually 2 for $5 because my girls can’t get enough…especially when eaten with milk.

Ever climbed a mountain?  Here’s mine.  And even though I was pretty tired, I really thought it would make me feel better to get out of the house and get a little extra exercise tonight.

Have you tried the new Triple-Double Oreos?

 your mountain to climb?

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