7 Days, 5 States: Week 1 Complete!


Tuesday – 45 min CrossFit
Wednesday – 3.15 mile run in 32:38 (10:20 avg pace), 45 min CrossFit
Thursday – rest
Friday – at home weight/cardio routine, 3 sets of 6 exercises
Saturday – 3.15 mile run in 33:38 (10:42 avg pace)

This was week 1 of 3 weeks of work-related travel. This is how it played out:
Sunday – SC –>;; NC –>;; FL (overnight)
Monday – FL –>;; NC –>;; SC (home)
Tuesday – HOME
Wednesday – SC –>;; NC –>;; VA –>;; NC (overnight)
Thursday – NC (overnight)
Friday – NC –>;; SC (home)
Saturday – SC –>;; GA –>;; SC (home)

Although I arm myself with healthy snacks when I travel, this week was more challenging when it came to eating meals. And I find when I eat one bad meal, I seem to crave the next as soon as I finish the first. All while feeling crappy FROM the first. It doesn’t make any sense but I can see why people have a hard time breaking the habit. However, week 2 will be nothing like this week, I promise!

Today was an exciting day though because we had a bit of a family reunion with Shannon’s side of the family. We make the 3 hour drive to Georgia early in the morning and head back in the late afternoon so we can be in our own beds at night. It sure makes for a long day though! 8 adults and 7 kids and a food spread like you wouldn’t believe – chicken wraps, fried chicken wings, broccoli salad, ham delights and more! It’s mostly fun to see the kids all get together and play.

I got to snuggle the littlest baby girl!! At just a year old, she gives the best hugs you could ever imagine! And don’t forget about the slobbery kisses!! I sure do love a loving baby!

Speaking of babies, mine fell asleep mid-donut on the drive home!

How do you make sure you don’t give in to temptations while traveling?



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One Response to 7 Days, 5 States: Week 1 Complete!

  1. tonya says:

    I hope these weeks go by fast for you.. I do give into temptations when traveling. Its nice to do that for yourself once in a while.

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