Coming Clean…


  • Monday – CrossFit, 45 min

It’s time to come clean with anyone who reads this blog (and sometimes I’m not sure anyone does :)) but mostly, myself.  My name is Melissa and I am a stress-eater.  That’s what I do.  When things get hot and heavy, I eat.  Deadlines?  Where’s the chocolate??Complex issues?  I’ll take a coke!!  Client struggles?  I’d like to order a dozen donuts, please!  Meetings with new prospects?  Let’s raid the candy bowl at the front desk!

The stress above makes me tired, messes with my sleep.  Lack of sleep leads to poor choices.  Lack of sleep also leads to less effort in my workouts (although I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon in this regard).  And sometimes it makes it makes you fall asleep in the craziest places…

So I’ve been cheating.  I’ve indulged in the Triple-Double Oreos and the muffins and the Sprites (luckily I didn’t allow myself to have a coke!).  And I find that once I have one cheat, I need more cheats.  It’s a vicious cycle…one that I need to break yet again.

I’m here to tell you that today is a new day!  I’m recommitting myself to a clean diet from this day forward.  This doesn’t mean that I won’t allow myself to have something special from time to time, but not on a regular basis like I’m doing now.  I’ve downloaded this app for my iPhone call “MyNetDiary” to log my food, exercise and even water consumption.

My travel this week will pose a challenge but I’m armed with snacks and a new attitude so wish me luck!

Do you use a specific program to log your food and exercise?

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2 Responses to Coming Clean…

  1. tonya says:

    I read your blog!!! coming clean yikes!! Right now with all the candy i love white choc m&’s.. I try not to buy them but i know they Will be gone when Halloween is over.. That’s how i work it in my head!

  2. I am a stress eater too, tracking has helped to stop it some, but then I have days like Sunday when I don’t track and just keep eating and eating and eating.

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