3 Days, 4 States: Week 2 Complete!


  • Tues – Thurs – rest (don’t judge, I have a good excuse)
  • Fri – CrossFit, 45 mins

This was a crazy travel week!

  • Tues: SC–>NC–>IL (overnight)
  • Wed: IL–>CO (overnight)
  • Thurs: CO–>NC–>SC (home!)

Ok, I’ll be honest, you guys all know I live in SC and have to drive to NC almost every day of my life, especially to the airport so I guess the SC–>NC doesn’t really count but it makes it sound SO MUCH BETTER!

Chicago was beautiful! I think it would be so exciting to live in such a happening city…and yet so expensive! I was there less than 24 hours and I think those trips wear you out the most. Hence, no workout Tuesday (see above).

Moving on to Denver (my home away from home) Wednesday morning. Because of the presidential debate, almost all of the hotels were booked except some SKETCHY place (still expensive but maybe just because of what was happening in the city) that my admin assistant was able to find. And when I say SKETCHY, I mean hair-on-the-bathroom-wall SKETCHY…and NO, it wasn’t mine.

I got this…

Ancient artifact of an alarm clock

When I’m used to staying in this…

A Cow in a Lobby…totally normal!

There was no gym in SKETCHVILLE and I wasn’t going to chance it running outside so there was no workout on Wednesday or Thursday. I did do a few things Thursday morning in my room such as push-ups and crunches but they were hardly worth counting in the disclosure above.

So today, Friday, I was back at it with a CRAZY workout that made me want to curse…only sweet little Finley got up at 5 am and refused to let me leave the house alone so she joined us ladies for a little CrossFit action. All is good in life!

Why wasn’t she doing this???

We have an insanely busy weekend…hope you have a good weekend too!

What’s the worst hotel experience you have had?

I have to say mine was at a Holiday Inn – when I turned the lights on that morning, I saw roaches run in every direction!

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