A Step Back in Time…


  • Friday – CrossFit with trainer, 45 minutes
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – at-home CrossFit workout, 20 minutes

What a crazy busy weekend!  I took Friday off and did a little damage at Lucky Brand Jeans and Coach so I’ll be paying for THAT later.  But most importantly, we went to Food Truck Friday that night!

I finally got to try Papi Queso which is a food truck dedicated to grilled cheese.  We tried the Pig Mac which is pulled pork BBQ and mac & cheese in between two slices of bread and GRILLED!  It was so heavenly!!  We also had the Blackened Fish Tacos from Roaming Fork.  I have to get those every time we go because they are just so tasty…and healthy (I hope!).  And then we finished it off with cupcakes from Cupcake Delirium and zeppolis from Napolitanos.

On Saturday, we went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival.  It’s a fun fair but it always kind of cracks me up because you can’t ever tell who actually works there and who’s just bringing their freakiness out into the light of day!

I don’t even know who these people are supposed to be!

Gracie always loves Twig the Fairy and I must admit, she really is beautiful.  She passes out stones covered in fairy dust.

Gracie loves to dress up for the fair!

Finley won’t get near her but certainly didn’t have any problem taking the stone Gracie offered her.

Do you ever eat from Food Trucks?

Have you ever been to the Renaissance Festival?  If so, do you love it or think it is slightly odd?

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