A Birthday Celebration


  • Fri & Tues – CrossFit with trainer, 45 min

Last Saturday, my husband turned 40.  This man has ALWAYS despised birthdays.  The thought of getting older to him just seems a bit too much to bear.  This creates a problem for us because my family has ALWAYS celebrated birthdays to the MAX!  It’s not about gifts or what you get, it’s about having a day that is completely and entirely yours.  Maybe that is part of the issue, he shares his birthday with his twin brother.

Back to the problem…I always want to celebrate his birthday but he hasn’t allowed it.  For almost the entire month of November, he’s a grumpy Gus.  I’m only allowed to say “Happy Birthday” once then entire day, no special cake, nothing special at all.  It drives me nuts!!!  In fact, for his 30th birthday, I planned a surprise party and went all out.  Friends and family came from all over, tables and chairs were rented and the backyard was turned into a glowing birthday bash…until he showed up.  Not until that very moment did I truly understand that all of his protesting in prior years was real and not just a joke.  So since that birthday, we haven’t really celebrated anymore of his.  I learned my lesson.

So imagine my surprise when 6 months ago he tells me, out of the blue, that he wants to have a party for his 40th.  My heart stopped!!!  This was what I’d been waiting for all of our time together (15 years!)!  And I knew that he might not feel this way again so I had to make it good enough to last me him.

To give him props, Shannon has lost 36.5 lbs this year and he looks AMAZING!!!!  I am so proud of him!

We started out the night being wisked away in a limo – 4 couples total.  I’d hired a babysitter to watch our combined 5 kids at our house.

We had reservations at Cowfish.  They have an amazing menu that combines burgers and sushi.  I realize that sounds bizarre but it really works.  They even have “Burgerushi” which is burger and sushi combined.

We moved from there to Crave, a dessert bar.  And THAT is where we got silly!!!  But of course, what happens in Crave, stays in Crave.  Just know that the desserts and drinks were awesome!

We got home around 11:30…because we’re old and all but one couple has kids.  And I’ve learned that no matter how much you party the night before, my kids will still get up at 5 am the next morning!

Overall, a night to remember and I’m happy Shannon let us celebrate.  Now we just have to see who tops this party!!!

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