To Resolve…or Not to Resolve?

The New Year always brings about talk of making resolutions and how we’re going to be so much better this year than last.  Even the news channels have segments on ways to lose weight and get fit.  But who really keeps them past January?  Or even past the first week??

I don’t really make resolutions.  I consider them to be more of goals or accomplishments and I divide them into different buckets:

  1. Family goal – not to eat fast food for a year.  We don’t really eat that much but I always feel guilty when we do get it.  It doesn’t even taste good to me anymore.  Gracie is not quite sold on this goal but I’m hoping she’ll come around.  I guess you could say this one will be pretty easy since the adults control the cash…
  2. Financial goal – I try to aim for something that you can see results…i.e. paying off a certain bill or saving to buy something special or take a great vacation.  Yep, I have something in mind.
  3. Personal goal – finally learn how to swim.  Ugh, NO, I cannot swim.  If you read my recap on the Mud Run, you know my fears.  However, I’m ready to tackle it this year because I’ll need it for what I’m hoping to accomplish in 2013.

What a great segue into what I hope to accomplish in 2013 – my very first triathlon!  It’s time to cross it off of my Bucket List.  I’m very proud of what I accomplished in 2012 – running a marathon and completing the Mud Run – so I need to keep my momentum up and work towards something.  Otherwise, I just get bored.  So I’m putting it all there for everyone to see – I have made my declaration!

Do you make resolutions?

What’s your goal for 2013?

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