A Writing Challenge

Workout: Wii Just Dance 2 (I sweated so YES, it counts!)

My sweet 3rd grade Love declared in December that she was NOT good at writing.  Unfortunately, her lack of self-confidence showed in her report card.  While she still got a good grade, the grade had dropped several points from the last reporting period.

I think as parents, we all hope that our kids get the very best parts of us and not the things we perceive to be our weaknesses.  Unfortunately, my sweetness inherited my overwhelming need to do everything that I do perfectly.  Sometimes she’s so scared she’ll make a mistake that she won’t even try.  And THAT absolutely kills me!

Remember back when you were a kid and little things seemed like such mountains that required all the energy in the world to live through?? NO??  Oh, I guess it was just me!  Anyway, I look at the things that upset my 8-year old (knowing good and well that those exact things upset me too) and try to explain to her that these mistakes are opportunities to learn from and grow stronger.  Yeah…she takes my words of wisdome just as you would expect – looks at me like I have two heads!

So to help my sunshine get over her anxiety of writing and to reinforce my current motto (Practice Makes Perfect), I creating the Writing Jar.  I typed out about 45 ideas/questions, cut and folded them up and stuffed them in this simple jar.  Each day she has to randomly pick an idea and write in her journal about it.  (I should totally Pinterest this!)  She was actually very excited about it…but we’ll see how long that lasts!


Any other tricks to get Gracie over her fear of writing?

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