A Painting Project


  • Friday – CrossFit with trainer, 45 mins

As I’ve told you before, my oldest child was born with the creative, artsy gene.  We’re still not sure where she got it and sometimes I’d rather figure out a way to stifle it than help it flourish because I am just NOT the artsy, crafty person.  Did you all just let out a collective gasp and think I dropped my “Good Mommy” card??  Well, think again because I just elevated mine!

One of my dear friends gave my girls an art project kit for Christmas.  WHY do my friends do this to me???

Honestly, these types of things make my skin crawl.  THAT is how bad I despise it.  I should’ve smacked my dear friend when she brought that thing into my house!  You’re waiting on the “Good Mommy” card elevation part, right??

So Saturday we tackled one of the projects – painting glass stones.  It turns out that you have to paint the picture on the bottom of the stone and in reverse so that it looks clear when you flip the stone over.  Try explaining that to an 8 and 3 year old…luckily, Grace caught on after her first stone.  Finley just painted without regard to rules.  (For a rule follower like myself, it hurt a little.)

Just like the box said, we made it a family project – even Shannon got involved.

And the finished project…


I think they turned out nice!

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One Response to A Painting Project

  1. tonya boone says:

    they got it from Aunt Tonya.. i love the stones.. don’t put yourself down so much on the creative gene.. you are making memories..

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