The Metabolic Makeover – Week 1

Workouts (1/6 – 1/12):

  • Sunday – 3.0 mile TM run, 33:47
  • Monday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer
  • Tuesday – rest
  • Wednesday – 25 mins resistance training at-home program
  • Thursday – 2.62 mile TM run/walk, 30:02
  • Friday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer
  • Saturday – rest

Monday began my first day on the 12-week Metabolic Makeover handed down by trainer.  Basically there’s a list of food you can eat and anything that’s not on it is a no-no.  This could be tricky during tax season.  For example, I’m pretty sure my birthday cake (more on that later) and the piece of meat lover’s pizza I had at lunch today aren’t on that list.

All in all, I think this will help me stay on track for the next 12 weeks and think twice when I want to give into my cravings for candy bars.  It also helps to track the food I consume and the exercise I do everyday.  Check out for the link to MyNetDiary that I use on my iPhone.

What I’ve discovered this week is that I’m not consuming enough calories at night to fuel my workout the next morning.  While it is true that I’m just starting back on the running thing, as you can see from above, Thursday’s run/walk was PATHETIC!  I haven’t been doing a good job picking the right foods, nor eating enough of them so I usually just don’t eat enough.  That has to change next week!

However, looking ahead to my schedule next week, I have something to attend Tuesday and Thursday nights and a late flight Wednesday night.  Oh, and planned lunch meetings Tuesday through Friday.  Wow, this could be tougher than I was thinking…

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