The Metabolic Makeover – Week 2

Workouts (1/13 – 1/19):

  • Monday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer
  • Wednesday – 25 mins resistance training at-home program
  • Friday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer

Week 2 of the Metabolic Makeover proved to be much harder than the first.  I had lunches out every day and a couple of after-work meetings.  Throw in a little stress and you have the perfect storm for not making the best choices when it comes to food.  I even had a couple of sodas this week and THAT is a huge no-no for me.  

I believe the week ahead has a much better outlook considering what I have in store.  Shannon has already been to the grocery store and purchased the right meal components and snacks so I should be well-armed for whatever comes my way.  Tuesday will be the biggest challenge with a lunch meeting and another meeting after work where food is not supplied so I will have to eat before I go so that I’m not so ravenous that I eat everything in sight when I get home.

Week 2 of the challenge is adding fiber into your diet.  You’re supposed to get 25 grams daily and I’m sure most of us don’t.  Look for ways to sneak it in!  Here’s a great article listing 20 high-fiber foods, some of which were a surprise to me.

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