The Metabolic Makeover – Week 3

Workouts (1/20 – 1/26):

  • Sunday – Ran 2.01 miles in 23:05 on TM at 1% incline
  • Tuesday & Thursday – 45 mins CrossFit with Trainer
  • Saturday – 25 mins resistance training at-home program

Week 3 and I got back on track!  It helped a lot that I had my meals planned out, including snacks.  The focus of the week was making sure I consumed 25 grams of fiber each day.  It turned out to be a fairly easy task.  Of course, I never would’ve known had I not been religious about entering every single bite I had into my iPhone app.

Fridays are a bit more of a challenge for me to keep my mental willpower.  I’m not sure why that is other than TGIF!  Consistent with every other week, I fell off the wagon but I’m not terribly disappointed in myself because we all need a time to let loose a little.  As long as you get back on track the next day, all is good.  My goal for next Friday would be to cheat ONCE, not all day though!

I’m not sure what our trainer has in store for us when it comes to nutrition but she’s already stepped it up tremendously in the workout area.  We’re doing more complex moves with more weights and higher intensity.  It’s tough WHILE we’re doing it and even more so AFTER when I’m limping around for a couple of days while my body tries to recover.  We’ve also added an at-home workout that we do at my house during the week and we’ve gotten it down to about 25 minutes which really isn’t all that bad when you think about it.  I’d like to add more cardio (TM runs) to my week but tax season makes it difficult and when it comes right down to it, sometimes REST is the BEST medicine.

While I haven’t seen much difference on the scale, I can really tell the changes in my body.  Of course, lifting weights will do that because muscle weighs more than fat so I’m hoping that’s why I’m not “losing” weight.  Besides, no one but me ever knows what my scale says anyway.  Plus, our trainer measures our body fat % every 6 weeks and I’ve seen a big difference in that which is truly encouraging!

Now on to Week 4!!!

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