January Book Club

Gracie and I were invited to join a Mother/Daughter Book Club in the neighborhood this year.  We jumped at the opportunity to join in.  To be honest, I really thought the book would be something simple and probably a little boring since it was geared towards third grade girls.  The book for January was The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.

Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 8.46.30 PM

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how entertaining the book actually was!  To me, it was like a version of The Hunger Games for kids – no violence, but definitely a puzzle that kids had to solve and there were risks associated with that puzzle.  There are four main characters in the book, all of which are kids.  They face some pretty big decisions and challenges for kids their age.  Even though it was from a kid’s perspective, it definitely kept my attention.

Gracie and I have never read a real book of any length together.  I do know that she’s been reading at a level far above her third grade level for quite some time.  She’s read the entire Harry Potter series, took the Accelerated Reader tests on all of the books and usually got all of the questions correct.  But still, I was interested in how much she was going to comprehend.  I should’ve known…she got all of the questions on the AR test correct.  We ended up making it a family affair because Shannon read it too.

On Saturday, Gracie and I went to the book club to discuss the book with the other girls and their mothers.  Some of the girls there had not yet finished the book because it is quite lengthy.  Grace and I set goals in the beginning to help ensure we would be finished in time.  The hostess had a cute little quiz for each of us to take to see which character in the book we were most like.  We then answered questions about the book.  It was fun to see the girls answer because some of them were tough.

Overall, the book reinforced some pretty good ideas – teamwork, determination, friendship and doing the right thing.  Our family would highly recommend this book for young elementary school students!

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