Honest Abe

Right now Gracie is studying the Civil War era in social studies and lucky for us, she was assigned a project to go along with it.  The project had two parts – a visual display and a written paper in the child’s own words.  Although this is not our first project, it’s certainly our written paper in paragraph form.  Luckily we were given two weeks to plan and execute but unfortunately, my business trip cut two days out for us.

Gracie chose to do her project on Abraham Lincoln.  All I can say is thank God for the internet!  Remember back in the day when we had to pore over ancient Encyclopedias to write our reports???  That is certainly a thing of the past!

We all know Lincoln was instrumental in fighting for equality and ending slavery but here are some interesting facts we learned about good ‘ol Abe that you may not know:

  1. He and his wife had 4 sons, only one of which lived to adulthood.
  2. He was the first US president assassinated.
  3. He was an early supporter of women’s rights.
  4. He was the first president to have a patent – he was quite the inventor!

While it was a struggle to help Gracie with this project (I’m a perfectionist and I move quickly – she’s 8 and takes her time), I am very proud of how much she really learned about Lincoln.  She can do more than just recite facts and figures, she can tell you his story.  And isn’t THAT really what learning is all about???

And here is the finished product:


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