The Metabolic Makeover – Week 5

Workouts (2/3 – 2/9):

  • Sunday – 2.5 mile run (TM), 28:03, 1% incline, finish out walking for a total of 3.4 miles in 43:33 (watching a DVR’d episode of The Good Wife)
  • Monday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer
  • Wednesday – 25 mins resistance training at-home program
  • Friday – 45 mins CrossFit with trainer

Week 5 of the Metabolic Makeover and a 68.8 hour work week is now complete.  I told myself I was going to be really good this week.  And overall, I think I was better than the week before.  But I’ve been thinking I’ve been a little too easy on myself just because it’s tax season.  I mean, after all, there will ALWAYS be an excuse not to give 100%.

It’s hard to skip out on Girls’ Night!


So this week I’ve challenged myself to eat a serving of either fruit or vegetables at every single meal.  So far I’ve had a Cutie with breakfast and a carrot with lunch…I know, minor but at least it’s something, right??  But the good news is that I made the girls banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and I didn’t even have a bite.  That’s pretty huge to this carb-loving girl!


Accomplishing this may be hard, but I’m willing to try whatever it takes…like the green juice above.  Plus I think I’ll start with the smoothies again in the mornings using the frozen fruit I already have.

I’m just not a big veggie eater!  Anyone else struggle the way I do with veggies?

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