We start ’em young!

We live in a neighborhood with a golf course but we are not a golfing family.  Nonetheless, that has never stopped us from walking along the golf course after hours in search of stray golf balls, kind of like an Easter Egg Hunt of sorts.  Or at least we did until about two years ago when I ended up with a nasty case of poison ivy and vowed never to go searching through brush again for a silly ball!

However, after years of hunting, we have TONS of golf balls…in a family that doesn’t golf. Oh, some of these were actually found in our front yard which means that there are some really, really bad golfers out there!


Somehow last Saturday, Gracie and her father decided they would set up a stand and sell all of these random balls to the golfers as they passed by.


Unfortunately it wasn’t a busy day on the course so she only made $3 but she has big plans for this summer and selling the rest of them…I just hope this doesn’t mean that I have to hunt for them again to replenish her inventory!

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