SunDay SnowDay FunDay!

We don’t get a lot of snow down here in the South but we’re usually guaranteed at least one each winter.  Of course, Mother Nature decided not to give us one in 2012 but she really hooked us up this past weekend!

The girls were thrilled!

The dogs were not…at first, and then they couldn’t get enough of it!


With all of the excitement, the girls had more hot chocolate than lunch so we had an early dinner.  I’m still sticking with my plan to try new recipes on Sundays and this day was no different.  I tried this pasta dish which turned out really well, along with a wonderful salad full of craisins, granny smith apples, toasted pecans, goat cheese and a homemade dressing.  (Pic below from the website link, not my own.)


The girls were not too thrilled with the pasta but they usually aren’t unless it’s Mac & Cheese from a box.  We still made them eat it though – that’s the rule in this household.  We don’t make separate meals for the kids, they eat what we eat.

And then we celebrated a dear friend’s birthday with a little surprise cake and a Wii Dance Party!  We all had a wonderful time and I’m sure we’ll sleep like babies tonight!


Hope everyone else had a wonderful Sunday!

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One Response to SunDay SnowDay FunDay!

  1. eschof2 says:

    Pasta dish sounds fabulous!

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