The year of what???

Did you hear the news???

Seriously, did you hear??

Ok, I’ll tell you…2013 is the year of the Chia Seed!  I do not make this stuff up.  It was on so you KNOW it has to be true.  Read it for yourself!

Lucky for me, I’m always a step ahead and bought into that business in 2012.  My take on them – they get in your teeth.  And I can’t help but think of this when I see them:


I can tell you that I most definitely did NOT put them in this cake that Finley and I made this week.

Country Classics

(Not my pic, go here to find the recipe.)

The cake was very yummy but also very sweet…kind of like the ‘lil stinker that helped me bake it!

IMG_0654Ok, you can all go back to what you were doing now.  Consider yourselves informed!

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