I’ve been a little busy…

March is always my busiest month of tax season…and my hardest.  By this time, I’ve already worked some major overtime for two months so you can imagine how tired I am. Last week I worked 80 hours and the week before that, I worked 76.6.  And that’s in addition to being a Mom and also running a household.  I am extremely blessed that my husband is a stay-at-home dad and understands my crazy hours which is one of the things that makes this bearable.

As for working out, it’s also harder to get in a workout when all of my waking moments are spent actually working.  But I know there’s not much of it left so I just keep that in mind and try to maintain the muscle I’ve built.  As we already know, exhaustion leads to poor form which leads to injury so my trainer has pulled back a little on the heavy weights and crazy moves for me.

So, until my hours slow down, I will replay my life in pictures for you (instagram: mwb1975):

A business trip where the pot is legal:


A dog in my bed:

IMG_0715A birthday celebration:

And she finally got her ears pierced!


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