Two more weeks…and Happy Easter!

First and foremost…only two more weeks until April 15th!!  I guess I should start working on my own taxes at some point!

Second, I took Sunday off and it was my first day off since January 5th.  It was amazing!

Third, what a wonderful Easter it was!  I usually go all out and cook a huge lunch but I just didn’t have it in me with Easter being a week earlier this year than last.  For the first time ever, we went out for Easter Brunch.  It was such a load off of my shoulders that I’ve decided it will be our new family tradition.

We also had some friends over for an Easter Egg hunt and the kids had a blast.  It was so nice just to be outside in the fresh air for a change!


And what better way to end your day than eating the ears off of a chocolate bunny!?!?


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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One Response to Two more weeks…and Happy Easter!

  1. Tracy McGuire says:

    Shannon looks great. Tell him congratulations on the weight loss.

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