14 Days to Lean

Today I start the “14 Days to Lean” program that my trainer suggested.  It’s by Gunnar Peterson and we all know he’s a big fitness guru.  We’ve been waiting until tax season ended to start it.  So we’re starting on 4/15, TAX DAY…so the one day of the year that I’m supposed to let loose and indulge, I’m actually starting a crazy program has me doing insane workouts 6 days a week and cutting anything and everything indulgent (including adult beverages) from my diet.  EXCELLENT PLANNING!  Luckily Shannon is doing it with me.

No worries…besides, if I hadn’t been indulging for the entire month of March, maybe I wouldn’t need this.  🙂  You’ve heard me say it before, I’m a stress eater and March is my most stressful month so you put the two together and it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s been a great weekend to get back on track.  Shannon and I took a Bootcamp class Saturday morning in the park.  This lady was a little crazy – like Drill Sergeant crazy.  Every time she caught one person pausing for more than 2 seconds, she made the entire group do 5 burpees with a push-up at the bottom.  Most of us were strangers to each other and the last thing you want to do when you meet a group of new people is be the one to cost them a 5-burpee penalty.  NOT COOL!  But the class was great and I’m still sore.  Today I walked the water tower trail twice for a total of 4 miles.  I’m pretty sure this means my body will not be in the best form to start a new intense workout regimen first thing tomorrow morning.

The diet on this program looks pretty similar to what I’ve done on other “challenges”.  The plan is 5 small meals spaced out every 3-4 hours consisting of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, healthy fats and whole grains.  The goal is for your meals to be 40% lean protein, 40% complex carbs and no more than 20% fat.  And of course, drink plenty of water.  I guess this means I’ll have to use my food log app again to keep track of all this.

Pretty sure none of this is on the meal plan:


Wish me luck and let’s hope I see some progress!

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One Response to 14 Days to Lean

  1. Hey girl! Let me know how it goes. Shannon busted me on Thursday..trying to lose weight as well. He comes into the preschool and saw me eating a Jersey Mike sub, LOL!!!!

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