Now what?

Yet another tax season has been put to bed – my 16th one overall.  It’s hard to work as hard as I do for 3.5 months and then slow down so abruptly.  It’s usually during this time that I realize just how exhausted I am and how bad my sleep deficit is.  When I slow down, I get SO very tired so the trick is to keep moving.

But today, as I sit here on April 16th, what would normally be a day of relief, I find that my heart is heavy.  The terrorist attack on Boston yesterday is beyond belief.  I kept the television on in my office all day, just hoping to hear that someone has figured out who the people are behind this violent act and justice will be served.  I guess it was silly to think that it could happen so fast but I have faith that it will be solved in the end.

However, that does nothing to ease the pain that so many people are feeling now.  My 9 year old has seen the news and it has affected her too – miles and miles away from where it happened.  It seems every few months there’s some other tragedy that tears away at our hearts and our sense of safety, bit by bit.  There are no answers, no words that can make anyone feel better in this moment, so for now, I will hug my babies and my husband a little tighter, give extra kisses throughout the day and look them in the eyes when we leave each other and make sure they KNOW that I love them “more than anything”…

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