14 to Lean – Week 2

I realize I am a week late in posting the results of Week 2 so please forgive me.

Overall, this was a hard plan.  The food guide along with the intense exercise plan wore me out.  However, it is something I would highly recommend.  You can do anything for 14 days.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have developed asthma recently and it picked the 2nd week of this program to flare up and send me into a downward spiral of uncontrollable coughing fits.  When you can’t catch your breath, it’s difficult to give 110% in your workouts, but I did my best.

The 2nd week also fell over my baby’s 4th birthday and while I declined the pizza and cupcakes at her birthday party, I refused to miss out on a cupcake on her actual birthday.  That’s a celebration to me and I was going to participate in it.  And considering it was the only time I cheated during the two weeks, I would say it was a success.

The final score was 9 lbs for in 14 days that covered asthma and a birthday.  YEAH ME!

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