Sugar Free…

I am very, very sad.  It appears I’ve inherited my mother’s struggle with sugar – both the cravings and the allergic reaction to it once it’s consumed.

I remember watching her as a kid eat something sweet and then her entire body convulsing with the coughing that ensued shortly thereafter.  It never really stopped her though…

And now, I find myself in the same boat.  But it hasn’t really stopped me from eating it…until today.

I spent Friday morning having a food allergy test done.  The image you will see next is almost gruesome – mostly because I never knew how unattractive my back was and because it shows that there is now something in my natural peanut butter that is making me sick.  More than likely, it is the molasses.


I can’t live without peanut butter.  It’s my absolute favorite.  I can just eat it by the spoonful.  But unfortunately, for the next month, my doctor wants me to avoid all foods that I have tested positive for.  The list is too long and depressing to bore you with here.  But I have agreed to abide by the rules and really abstain from eating/drinking things that have processed sugar in them.  It will probably be a rough month for me although I’ve done it before.  The problem is sticking with it.

And if my natural peanut butter really is to blame for my recent attacks, I guess I’ll just have to give this PB2 a try.


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